Blizzard limits new players on Diablo III quite severely with new patch

With the 1.03 patch for Diablo III, Blizzard has given new players hefty restrictions in the name of stopping exploiters and malicious attacks. Details after the jump.

According to Eurogamer, the latest update for Blizzard’s highly popular Diablo III game will punish new players in an effort to stop malicious attacks and exploiters. The newest update will restrict new players to a demo version of Diablo III for a full 72 hours after beginning play. Unfortunately, the demo will only allow for the completion of the Skeleton King in Act I, a task that only takes a matter of hours to complete on lower difficulties. In addition to this, players will also be restricted on how much they level, with a level cap of 13 being imposed until the 72 hour demo period ends. A large number of different restrictions will be imposed in addition to the two already mentioned. Needless to say, the news has not been met with positive reception.

[Source: Eurogamer]


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