Xbox 720 information leaked?

It appears that information surrounding the Xbox 720, including its price and capabilities, has been leaked. Information after the jump.

Although the 56 page document has since been pulled down, the people over at IGN managed to report the most interesting aspects. The report, as of right now, is not necessarily credible in any way, so make sure not to put too much faith into it. The report states the Xbox 720 will possess:

  • An upgraded Kinect with support for four players.
  • A Blu-Ray player.
  • Some form of tablet integration.
  • Media access anywhere via cloud streaming.
  • Fortaleza glasses, which create a virtual reality interface used for gaming and other activities.
  • A bundle price set at $299.99

IGN managed to reach Microsoft for comment, and received the typical refusal to comment on rumours and speculation. While it is unknown how accurate any of this information is, if at all, we will be sure to keep you updated as details become available – we expect a long wait.

[Source: IGN]


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