Quantic Dream’s new IP is known as Beyond

At Sony’s press conference just moments ago, Quantic Dream announced what their new video game will be. The video game will be known as Beyond: Two Souls. More details after the jump.

The video game will follow a woman known as Jodie Holmes. Holmes is connected to an entity living on the “other side”, though not many details have been shared on exactly what that will mean.

There was a small clip shared, demonstrating potential supernatural elements being involved in the game – a coffee cup moves on its own, slamming against a wall, as Jodie is interrogated by a police officer. The officer excuses himself, obviously shaken by the occurence. As she sits alone, she speaks, as if hearing voices, saying that she knows they are coming. A SWAT team then bursts in to apprehend her. The video then turns into a clip show, showing multiple scenes from the video game, ending with Jodie walking away from the decimated SWAT team and massive amounts of destruction in dramatic fashion. This is when we find out that the entity in contact with Jodie is known as “Ivan”.

The clip can be viewed here.

The largest part of the announcement was probably that Jodie Holmes’ actress will be Ellen Page, a Canadian actress and academy award nominee. We will be bringing more details as they become available.


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