Nintendo’s pre-E3 conference reveals details about the Wii U

Just moments ago, Nintendo held their pre-E3 press conference. The conference was focused primarily on the Wii U, and many details were shared. We have them for you after the jump.

The conference started with a focus on the Wii U’s game pad redesign. The Wii U game pad is known for its dual screen functionality – one screen on the game pad, and the screen of the television. Of note were the additions of 360 degree sticks used for movement. The sticks can also be pushed downwards to create more range of motion. In addition to the introduction of the sticks, a NFC reader/writer was also added to the game pad, which will serve to read and write data on cards and figurines, which will have varying effects on the console and games. The game pad will also have a TV Control button – the button will allow the Wii U game pad to serve not only as a control for the console, but as a universal control for television sets, allowing the player to set volume, change channels, and turn the power on or off. Finally, the sensors within the game pad will be motion and gyro sensors, which will be employed in unique ways for varying games.

Game pad news was not restricted to the main Wii U controller though. The Wii U will be compatible with the Wii remote, the nunchuk, and balance board. In addition to this, a brand new controller will be made available: the pro controller. The control has a look similar to those of the PS3 and Xbox 360 controls, allowing for more of a classic style of gameplay. It appears that the Wii U will be quite versatile based on what controls will be available for use.

Focus was then placed on a concept known as Miiverse. Although social networking while gaming is nothing new, the Wii U uses text messages, hand written messages and doodles in combination with Mii avatars to create comments through different areas of the gaming experience. An example was demonstrated with a player posting a message mid-play for advice on killing an enemy zombie – the answer was eventually given using the webcam functionality of the Wii U. Miiverse will be available for use with ALL Wii U games, with the messages being written and read right on the Wii U game pad’s screen. In addition to this, it was announced that the Miiverse will also become available at a later date for the 3DS, mobile, and other platforms.

A good portion of the conference also focused on what we already knew, such as the Wii U’s ability to use the game pad’s screen to browse the web, then share on the television screen. No details were provided revealing the exact specs of the console, nor was there any discussion on power, but we expect to be filled in when E3 rolls around. When those details become available, we will be sure to share them with you! This is surely going to be a fun and interesting week.


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