Game Genie set to release for current generation consoles

Hyperkin’s Game Genie cheating device is set to release for current generation consoles, with a version of the device for PS3 to be demonstrated at E3. The announcement raises plenty of questions pertaining to morals in this current generation of gaming.

According to Destructoid, Game Genie is set to return to consoles with a variety of features including unlocking features in different games, uploading and backing up save data, transferring save data to the PC for modification, and trading save data with other players. While this device can open up a whole new level of entertainment on existing and upcoming video games, it also jeopardizes the alleged purity of trophy and achievement collecting, which might rub many players the wrong way. In addition to this, entering online play with the influence of Game Genie cheats affecting your console can ruin the experience for everyone else involved, which is a massive concern.

There has also been some concern expressed regarding on-disc DLC. A rather shallow and controversial business practice, some publishers place existing content on discs, but will not allow players access to it without charging them extra, seemingly going against the “expansion” ethos of DLC usage. A Game Genie capable of modifying video games in simplified ways that no device has provided in the past opens up the door to unlocking on-disc DLC without actually having to pay for it. While many players will have absolutely no issue with unlocking something on a disc that they had already paid for, publishers and developers will frown over the lost profit they would have received.

With the controversies that such a device might bring to an age of gaming that differs massively from previous ages, there is sure to be some backlash from both publishers and player bases alike. It will be interesting to see how this is countered, if at all. With Hyperkin planning to demonstrate their PS3 version of the device at E3, we will be sure to keep you updated as details become available.


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