No Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 trailer at E3

It has been announced that the trailer for Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 will not be revealed at E3, contrary to what was originally planned.

After being critically panned, Square Enix changed the development team for Final Fantasy XIV, with plans to revamp the game entirely. These planned changes have become collectively known as Final Fantasy XIV 2.0, with a release date that coincides with that of the PS3 version of the game in 2013. Publicity for the revamped game is expected to be intense, as the company wishes to salvage whatever can be salvaged, with the hopes of turning it into a success.

The news regarding the trailer came in a letter from the producer on the Square Enix forums. While the trailer is indeed completed, it was determined by the public relations team that it was not good idea to reveal it at E3. The reasoning provided is that the best course of action for rebuilding respect for the game is not through revealing information a bit at a time, but to reveal as much as possible all at once.

While no details are available as to when the trailer will be released, the letter went on to say that a promotional site for the revamped MMORPG will become available shortly after E3 concludes. The site will contain information, both technical and storyline related as to how the game will be changing. We expect the trailer to posted on that site sometime in the future.

We will provide an update when the trailer does become available anywhere.


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2 Responses to No Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 trailer at E3

  1. Corey Cataford says:

    Is the game going to be for x-box and ps3 and if so is it only going to be online?

    • Carl Newton says:

      The game in its current form is for PC at the moment, and is online only. It will be released for PS3 later when 2013 rolls around, when it moves to 2.0. There are no plans to introduce the game to Xbox 360 due to the Xbox Live system making things difficult.

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