The Tomb Raider teaser is spectacular

Square Enix is set to release the full gameplay trailer of Tomb Raider on May 31st. The trailer will debut on Game Trailers on Spike TV. For now, here is Game Trailer’s sneak peek, located after the jump.

It appears that the game will feature gameplay similar to that of the Uncharted series. However, make no mistake by assuming that is all this game will be. Tomb Raider has already been reported to contain both RPG and survival elements in an open world. With those factors, combined with the visuals we have just witnessed, this prequel and reboot to the Tomb Raider franchise seems sure to deliver to both fans and newcomers.


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3 Responses to The Tomb Raider teaser is spectacular

  1. Karl Weller says:

    I would be very surprised if this isn’t an overwhelming success, but after so much mediocrity, this really does need to be good.

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