No E3 goodies from Bungie this year

Bungie recently announced in a blog post that they will not be attending E3 in any formal capacity this year.

Have you guys finished your new game presentation for E3?

Nope. We never started one, and we’re not going to be at E3 in any official capacity this year. Some of us will be there, lurking from booth to booth, but don’t expect any announcements.

The news comes a brief period after the court case between West and Activision revealed that Bungie was working on a secret sci-fi shooter codenamed “Destiny”. The developer is most famous for creating the Halo series, so it is understandable that fans were hoping for more information regarding this secret project. Unfortunately, with this latest news that Bungie will not be attending E3 this year, it likely means that fans will have to wait significantly longer for the information they want.

The original blog post can be found by clicking here.


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